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2006 Round-up

 Buckets, Buckets, Buckets… dominated 2006 events.

The group worked with Tony Curtis and Mick Egan to script Jack and Jill, performed in Project Arts Centre. This was the first year RADE made a documentary, entitledJack, Jill and the Green Devil. This year the group made masks, artist mosaics and individual art pieces. Actor and writer Peter Sheridan was guest speaker at Project.

Masks Exhibition 2006

Who is behind the Mask?


Working with poet Paula Meehan the group designed and made their own masks.  Ideas were developed in creative writing classes with the group incorporating the themes  from poems such as ‘kubla khan’ by Samuel T Coleridge.



Art Exhibition 2006

Mosaics on boards


Participants used RADE as their theme for these artistic boards focusing on tai chi, Dublin 8 area with it’s Vikings history and the projects creative activities.  Eoghan O’ Neill worked with the group to create these pieces.

Jack and Jill – Play

Buckets, buckets, buckets….


Jack and Jill was a devised script developed through collaboration between Tony Curtis, Mick Egan and RADE participants. The group performed Jack and Jill at their annual showcase in the Project Arts Centre. This play included the well-received verse ‘Buckets’.