Rehab Statistics 2016–2017

2016–2017 statistics on the RADE programme at a glance


At a glance:

RADE can accommodate 21 participants. 3 Support workers and 18 participants all on a CE Scheme funded by The Department of Social Protection.

The following represent stats compiled by the Rehab Team for the year 2016-2017 (Aug – Aug):

  • 53.6% of programme participants are on methadone programmes
  • 39.3% of programme participants are reducing illicit benzos/alcohol and heroin use.

120 people referred to the RADE programme over the last 12 months (Aug 2016-Aug 2017 with referrals from Self, Prison services (including  Probation), Housing supports (primarily hostels), HSE (to include social work dept/addiction/outreach services), IBCAT, Bridge Project, Rialto CDT, Chrysalis, MQI, Coolmine, USICE, Dublin Simon, Focus Ireland, Casadh, Cuan Mhuire, CAP, Community Response, Inchicore /Bluebell CDAT, ALONE, ARC, Ana Liffey

  • Average Gender breakdown: Male 16 : Female 2

External Training course undertaken by RADE participants:

  • Driving Licence and test-D Licence
  •  Home Repair and Maintenance-Level 4
  • Gardening Skills-Level 4
  • Arc Welding course
  • Floor and Wall tiling-Level 3
  • Train the Trainer Level 6
  • Advanced facilitation-Level 6
  • Fashion Buying and Merchandising-Level 5
  • Costume Design and Make-up-Levels 5 and 6

Other courses included:

  • Performance courses with the Gaiety School of Acting

Employment/Work experience:

  • 1 CE Support worker secured full-time employment in Social Care sector
  • 1 CE Support Worker secured full time employment in Dublin Simon Community as Flexi Support Worker
  • 1 participants acquired extras roles (1 had a speaking part) in the TV series “Viking”
  • 1 participant secured seasonal work with a Security company (FLS) at various events such as the RDS Young Scientist Exhibition and also at a number of GAA events and music concerts.
  • 1 participant is currently working with a Music Producer on the production of his album. He has also secured work in a tv advert.
  • 1 participant has secured work experience placement in Dublin Central Mission.