Rehab Statistics 2018–2019

2018–2019 statistics on the RADE programme at a glance

At a glance:

RADE operates teo distinctive programmes:

  • A community Employment Scheme for 18 participants, and
  • A HSE supported Scheme with 10 places

The following statistics were compiled by the Rehab Team for the year Aug 2018-Aug 2019:

  • 44% of those referred did not attend for their assessment appointments or did not follow up on initial query and make assessment appointments.
  • 56% of those referred attended their assessment
  • 17% were successful from assessment to commencing on C.E.
  • 28% indicated they were not keen on attending something daily and expressed interest in HSE Part-time Scheme.
  • 11% not suitable on account of chaotic drug use, mental health issues, and services indicated that it’s not a right time for them to pursue a Day Programme.
  • 17 new participants commenced in last annual year (From August 2018 –August 2019) with RADE losing 16 in this same period.

Current Average Gender breakdown in RADE (Both CE and HSE): Male 14 : Female 8


118 people referred to the RADE programme over the last 12 months (Aug 2018-Aug 2019 with referrals from-

  • Self
  • Addiction Response Crumlin
  • Ana Liffey Drug Project
  • Bridge Project
  • Chrysalis Drug Project
  • Coolmine
  • Casadh
  • Cuan Dara
  • CAP
  • Community Response
  • Dublin Simon
  • Focus Ireland
  • Finglas Addiction Support team
  • Housing supports (primarily hostels)
  • HSE (to include Social Work Dept. /addiction /outreach services)
  • Inchicore /Bluebell CDAT
  • Merchants Quay Ireland
  • Prison services (including Probation)
  • Rialto CDT

External Training course undertaken by RADE participants:


  • General Learning, QQI- Level 3 (Major Award)
  • Group Facilitation: Group work, Practice & Theory, QQI Level 6 (Major Award)
  • Communications, QQI Level-3, (Minor Award)
  • Personal Effectiveness, QQI Level-3, (Minor Award)
  • Special Need Assistant, QQI-Level 5 (Minor Award)
  • Door Security Procedures, QQI Level-4

Non – Accredited:

  • Basic Computers
  • Open IT Skills
  • Drawing and Painting for beginners
  • Art & Craft
  • Online Learning
  • Tai Chi for Beginners

Industry Standard & SOLAS Courses:

  • Safe Pass- SOLAS x 1
  • Manual Handling x 14


  • Performance courses with the Gaiety School of Acting- Introduction to Camera x 2
  • Performance courses with the Gaiety School of Acting- Advance Page to Stage x 1
  • Performance courses with Gaiety School of Acting- Acting for Camera 2 x 1

Training course undertaken by RADE Rehab Team during this period (Aug 2018- Aug 2019):

  • Key working, Care Planning & Case Management x1
  • ACRA Training x2
  • CRA Accreditation x3; (2 Staff members passed Accreditation )
  • Manual Handling x2
  • Pharmacology of Addiction x3
  • Motivational Interviewing x 2
  • Wellness Engagement x 1
  • Reduce the USE-3 x1
  • Tai- Chi Training x1
  • Group Facilitation: Group work, Practice & Theory, QQI Level 6, x 1
  • First Aid x 1
  • EXCEL Training x2

Employment/Work experience:

  • 1 participant acquired extras role (1 had a speaking part) in the TV series “Viking”
  • 1 participant is painting and decorating for self
  • 1 participant secured seasonal work with a Security company (FLS) at various events such as the RDS Young Scientist Exhibition and also at a number of GAA events and music concerts.
  • 1 participant acquired volunteer placement as an art facilitator in Dublin Central Mission and as Peer Led Initiatives with Chrysalis Drug Project.
  • 1 participant has secured work placement as an art-facilitator in Dublin Central Mission
  • 1 Participant has secured full time employment as a hair dresser
  • 1 Participant has secured part-time employment as a painter in a hotel in Dublin
  • 1 CE Support Worker has secured a full-time employment as an assistant CE Supervisor in Tallaght
  • 1 CE Support Worker has progressed on to part-time HSE Support Worker position in RADE