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RADE On Ireland Am

21 June 2011

To view Albert Redmond, Jenna Duff and Mick Egan speaking on TV3's Ireland AM please click here: http://www.tv3.ie/videos.php?video=36765&locID=1.65.74&date=2011-06-13&date_mode=1&page=2&show_cal=2&newspanel=&showspanel=1...read more

RADE Art Exhibition Pushing out the Boat

20 June 2011

"Pushing out the Boat" an exhibition of artwork by the participants in RADE will take place: Date:  June 20th to July 1st 2011 Official Opening: Monday June 20th by Cllr Críona Ní Dhálaigh Time: 1pm Venue: The Atri...read more