LIfelong Learning Programme Visit to Istanbul

Leargas recently sponsored Sine to attended a preparatory visit in Istanbul.  The event was hosted by Maltepe Kız Teknik ve Meslek Lisesi School.  Partners from France, Greece and Italy were in attendance for the week.  The objective was to develop ideas for a European life long learning project between each country.  The project name will be NEVER TOO LATE FOR EUROPEAN SYNERGY.  Other countries involved who could not attend are Austria, Bulgaria and Poland.  Applications are due 21st Feb 2012.  If success our hope is to enable our participants to travel to these European countries to share their skills and learn some new ones.

"The visit provided an educational insight into how other countries approach adult education and support lifelong learning.  It was a wonderful experience to bring my expertise and knowledge from RADE and share with other Europeans", Sine speaks of her week in Turkey. 

Here are links to local press on the visit:


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