An Alternative
to Drug Use

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  • Forest Bathing  On June 26, 2024 RADE participants went on an outing to Knocksink wood for a day of forest bath
  • Readings from RADE  On 26th October 2023, RADE hosted a p

Our Vision:

Creativity is open
to Everyone

Our Mission:

RADE Engages Drug Users with the Arts and Therapeutic supports and provides a platform for their artistic expression

  • Playback Readings from RADE
  • On 26th October 2023, RADE hosted a public reading to share the creative writing of RADE participants with the community. Participants chose and read extracts from the writing that they had created over the course of an eight week long Creative Writing Workshop led by published author, Karl Parkinson. A good number of friends of RADE […]

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