Garden Project Summer 2023

This short documentary film beautifully recounts the pride that was taken in this collaborative project and shows how socially engaged arts practice can benefit communities such as RADE

Collage Workshop- ‘Inside Outside my Head’

Photos from the collage workshop ‘Inside Outside my Head’ with Dermot Byrne 2022

Annual Report 2020-2021

An exploration of a year of recovery, art, drama and education

The annual report for the years of 2021 to 2021 highlights the work undertaken by both the rehab and training team, creative departments and all the participants in RADE. 

The report showcases the work RADE has been doing during the height of the pandemic, implementing remote working opportunities, Zoom Meetings as well as safe return-to-work protocols, all the while keeping the supportive and artistic work at RADE alive.

Song Writing Project 2022

RADE participants and staff recording the song Mi Casa Su Casa.
With work completed in January 2022, RADE participants were thrilled to finally be completing the recording of the song Mi Casa Su Casa. Each participant will receive a copy of the song and RADE will publish the song across social media.

Visit to Irish Museum of Modern Art 2022

Work from a recent RADERS visit to IMMA as part of a series of creative workshops. A big thank you to IMMA Ireland and their great staff for having us. The bar has definitely been set high for our creative projects in 2022!


Happy Christmas & New Year

To reduce RADE’s impact on global climate change (and do our bit to save the planet!), this year we have minimised our print run, and instead have created an e-Christmas card wishing you good tidings ahead of the Christmas and New Year.

Visual Art Project 2021- Wish You Were Here

RADERS worked with Sorsha Galvin who facilitated workshops to produce a series of collages using historical photograps from the Duchas Irish folklore archives and their original network.

The artwork produced by the participants was published in an e-Book via issuu.

RADERS are determined to heal and make positive changes in their lives using the creative arts.

RADE 2020 Film

If you haven’t caught RADE’s 2020 film “The Tapper’s Opera” we are delighted to launch it now on our website.  Click here to see the full film ->


Mick’s Retirement

RADE’s founder and project director Mick Egan will be retiring on the 12th February 2021 after over 16 years of tireless service to the organisation. Sinead Moloney has been appointed by the Board as project director following Mick’s retirement.


RADE-HAMLET Via Zoom 2020

RADERS- The Super-Powered Edition

A collection of comic stories from 2020

Participants worked with comic creator Elida Maiques who facilitated workshops to produce the graphic novel RADERS,The Super-Powered Edition.

RADERS are determined to heal and make positive changes in their lives. Click on the picture to see their work.

Film Shoot 2020

RADE’s latest film is being shot this week. We will premiere our latest opus on Culture Night, 18th September.

Culture Night at RADE 2020

It’s that time of year again! Culture Night will soon again be upon us on Friday the 18th September 2020.

An Artistic Collaboration with JOE CASLIN, in association with the National Gallery of Ireland

Plus: Comic Book Launch, Live & Online film screening, Art Exhibition

Location: The OLV Building, Cathedral View Court, Dublin-8

Time: 4:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Booking is essential to gain entry. Due to COVID-19 restrictions places are limited, early booking is advised.

RADE’s vision: Creativity is open to everyone

Preparing for 2020 Film

Fun time during Challenging period of COVID-19

RADE Visit to Dáil Eireann


RADE participants are currently working with Trevor Knight-Musician and Composer. Trevor Knight was elected to Aosdána, Ireland’s state-sponsored academy of creative artists, in 2007.


Annual Report 2018-2019

An exploration of a year of recovery, art, drama and education

The annual report highlights the work undertaken by both the rehab and training team, creative departments and participants in RADE. RADERS were busy celebrating our nation’s centenary throughout the year and presented their work in many formats, from a graphic novel to canvas paintings to sculptures to stage productions throughout the year.


If you haven’t caught RADE’s hilarious film from 2018 (last year)“Spare Change” on the big screen, we are delighted to launch it now on our website.  Click here to see the full film ->

You can still catch RADE’s 2 new films from 2019 “The Man In the Chair”  and “The Girl In The Window” on the big screen in RADE’s studio space at the OLV Building, every Wednesday at 2:00 pm. (These 2 new films will not go online till November 2020.

Graphic Novel- 2019

RADE is currently working with Elida Maiques, a cartoon artist, towards the production of a Graphic Novel. If things go as planned we hope to have the launch of the book in early March 2020.



We are all, at RADE, very saddened to hear that Paul W, passed away suddenly at the weekend.

Paul featured in our 2018 film ‘Spare Change‘ For any of our previous participants who would like to pay their respects, Paul’s funeral will take place on Thursday, 7th November in Our Lady of Dolours Church, Dolphin’s Barn, at 11:30am.

Paul will also be reposing at the Brian McElroy Funeral Home, Crumlin Village on Wednesday, from 2pm to 8pm.

Art Workshop with Joe Caslin


A collection of comic stories from 2018

Participants worked with comic creator Elida Maiques who facilitated workshops to produce the graphic novel RAIDIN’, WRITIN’ AN’ DRAWIN’. RADERS are determined to heal and make positive changes in their lives. Click on the picture to see their work.

Annual Report 2017/2018

An exploration of a year of recovery, art, drama and education

RADE Annual Report 2017-2018

The annual report highlights the work undertaken by both the rehab and training team, creative departments and particpants in RADE. RADERS were busy celebrating our nation’s centenary throughout the year and presented their work in many formats, from a graphic novel to canvas paintings to sculptures to stage productions throughout the year.



CATHERINE BYRNE, Minister of State For Health Promotion, visited RADE’S Art Exhibition On Friday, 23rd November  2018 at 11:30 AM.


Launch of RADE annual art exhibition “ONE WISH”

The launch of  RADE’s Art exhibition One Wish”.


Graphic Novel 2018

RADE is currently working with Elida Maiques, a cartoon artist, towards the production of a Graphic Novel. If things go as planned we hope to have the launch of the book in January 2019.


Creative Writing Workshop

Annual Report 2016/2017

An exploration of a year of recovery, art, drama and education


RADE Annual Report 2016-2017


The annual report highlights the work undertaken by both the rehab and training team, creative departments and particpants in RADE. RADERS were busy celebrating our nation’s centenary throughout the year and presented their work in many formats, from a graphic novel to canvas paintings to sculptures to stage productions throughout the year.

ART EXHIBITION – St. Patrick’s Cathedral – 20 March 2018

ART EXHIBITION BY RADE AT St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 20 March 2018

New Film “Any Spare Change”

RADE started shooting a new film “Any Spare Change” this week, 29 January 2018.

The first screening  will take place on May 1 in  St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

“Everybody Get Stoned” showing as part of the Stop The Stigma Campaign on 27th February 2018 at 11.30am in Green Street Dublin 7.

“Everybody Get Stoned” showing as part of the Stop The Stigma Campaign



RADE will be screening our new film the second time in the main cinema IFI in Temple Bar at 12.00pm on Wednesday 23rd May. This screening is for Service Users and we welcome all the other projects to join us for another ‘cracker’ from the RADE team, probably their funniest offering yet. A great opportunity for the service users to meet up and a powerful demonstration of the social contribution, that can be made by people in recovery. Please contact RADE by email or 014548733 and let us know how many people you wish to bring. Book early there are only 258 seats and they’re being snapped up fast.

This short film is an absurd comedy about the desperate state of Ireland’s housing crisis. From unscrupulous landlords to the ‘invisible homeless’ and politicians reverting to Victorian attitudes, there’s never been a worse time to be without a roof over your head.

‘Spare Change’ was developed from the true-life tales of the RADE participants and their first-hand accounts of the current housing crisis.

RADE will also screen their highly acclaimed hilarious film from 2017 “Irish Light V’s Tony”

AONTAS STAR Award 2018


2017 Film accepted for screening in Five Lamps Festival in Dublin in March 2018

We here in Rade are all very excited about the film “Irish Light vs Tony”.  As soon as the date is confirmed we will update you.



2017: RADE’s Comic

Art Exhibition 24 July 2017

“Cathedral View”

Irish Light Vs Tony

Second Screening of Short Film – 8 June

‘Irish Light Vs Tony’ written and directed by Rodney Lee

Date:                    Thursday 8th June 2017

Time:                    1 – 2pm  Location:             IFI Cinema, Temple Bar, Dublin 2


‘Irish Light Vs. Tony’ is about one man’s struggle through a bureaucratic nightmare as he fights for his right to natural light. Tony is being charged by a new semi-state body, ‘Irish Light’, for access to the sun. When he refuses to pay, workmen board up his windows. But Tony won’t take this lying down. He marches to the headquarters and navigates his way through a madhouse of delusional propaganda, rampant capitalism and sheer insanity to get an exemption. This short film is an absurd satire about the government’s shameless attempt to squeeze more money out of a beleaguered people. Please note, any resemblance to actual semi-state bodies such as, for example, ‘Irish Water’ is absolutely 100% purely coincidental!

‘A Hundred Years Ago’ Revival Success

throughout December 2016 in the OLV Studio, D8


Invited audiences watched many new participants take to the stage to perform  our acclaimed play A Hundred Years Ago.   Participants sang, danced and acted for this production.  The play explores the dramatic events that evolved through the autumn of 1913 when ordinary workers took a stand with Jim Larkin against the employers of Dublin city and the subsistence wages that held them in slavery.

RADE’s recent exhibition of Oak wood sculpture was also on display.  The carving by participants are reflections of their thoughts on 1916 to 2016.


Senator Lynn Ruane launches Drawn from Memory

A graphic novel by RADE participants, facilitated by Paddy Lynch


The comic novel contains stories from RADE’s graphic novel workshops in 2016. The launch coincided with the revival of A Hundred Years Ago, RADE’s acclaimed play surrounding the events of the 1913 Lock Out in Dublin. Senator Lynn Ruane attended the performance and provided words of enjoyment and support afterwards.

Read the full publication here.

‘1916 Kids’

was staged in the OLV Building in July 2016

Over 2 days participants presented ‘1916 Kids’ to a full house.  Participants spent the majority of 2015 researching the 1916 Rising.  The production involved performances from many newcomers.  Tommy KD opened the show with a rap about the Rising.

Watch a short video from production above.

Live performance of ‘Get Stoned’

on Grafton Street in June 2016 as part of the Decriminalising Drugs Campaign

This was RADE’s first live street theatre performance.  We were asked to partake in the awareness campaign by students from University College Dublin. 

RADE Art available on loan

to brighten up your world!


We are currently rotating our various art exhibitons throughout many projects in Dublin.  All you need is some exhibtion space and for a small fee we will supply, fit and rotate previous and current participants art creations.  Currently we are offering this service in Coolmine Therapeutic Community, Ana Liffey Project, Merchants Quay Ireland and Rialto Community Drug Team in St. Andrews.

Contact Eoghan on 01 4548733 for further details.

‘1916/2016’ art exhibition

in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral


took place from Monday 3rd Oct to Wednesday 19th Oct 2016.

The exhibition was themed on the aspiration contained within the 1916 Proclamation of “Cherishing all of the children of the nation equally…”.  The group discussed this aspiration and applied it to their lived experience. Following their discussion each member of the group designed a symbol of an important aspect to their lives. They then carved the symbols in oak.

The symbols covered areas such as Homelessness, Education, Poverty, Health Care and Justice.

‘Get Stoned’ staged in Croke Park

as part of the Drugs Awareness Conference


President Michael D. Higgins Opens Documentary

at the Irish Film Institute


RADE patron and President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins honoured us by officially launching the documentary RADE Rising and RADE’s comic book A RADE in Dublin on 19th April 2016.  This is the Presidents third visit to the project.  The event was attended by present and past participants as well as board members, the Lord Mayor of Dublin Criona Ni Dhalaigh, poet Paula Meehan, Dublin Simon CEO Sam McGuinness and participants from many Dublin projects.

RADE Rising

A documentary of the art practices in RADE for 2015 exploring the Easter Rising through art, drama and creative writing.

After an exciting year exploring the Easter Rising we have produced a short documentary film of our work throughout the year. The documentary has footage from workshops, outings and interviews with staff and participants. RADE Rising provides a sneak peak of what we do day to day.

Annual Report 2014/2015

A RADE in Dublin

is a graphic novel of 1916


Working with comic creator and graphic designer Paddy Lynch the group engaged in a number of workshops developing their stories around The Rising and learning how to present these tales in graphic format.  The end result is a colourful read.

Read the full publication here: A RADE in Dublin

Lord Mayor’s Speech at RADE Art Exhibition

in The Atrium, Dublin City Council Civic Offices, July 2015


Comhgairdeachas libh go léír a ghlac páírt san taispéantais seo inniu. Ba chóir go mbeadh sibh thar a bheith bródúil. Is cúis áthas agus bród dom a bheith anseo inniu libh agus go raibh míle maith agaibh as ucht an chuireadh a bheith libh.

I have had the great pleasure to view the fantastic exhibition here today and I commend and congratulate all of you who have participated in this fantastic exhibition. You all should be very proud of yourself and I am genuinely very proud and honoured to be invited here today to speak at the launch of your work. This whole area is steeped in republican history. Many ordinary men and women from Dublin 8 took part in the Rising and it is appropriate and fitting that you commemorate their heroic contribution to Irish freedom and their fight for equality, and we are still fighting for equality.

I have for many years been a supporter of RADE and believe in RADE’s approach to engage participants with the arts and therapeutic supports and provide a platform for their artistic expression. What is blatantly obvious for all to see when visiting a RADE exhibition or performance is the absolute pride, joy and sense of accomplishment that the participants express but also the pride their family and friends feel. There is no drug on earth that can give the feeling.

Sometimes it can be difficult to prove the value of Community Employment programmes such as RADE, to government funding bodies but it just takes a visit to any RADE production to fully appreciate the value of such schemes. RADE instils confidence, stability and structure into participants lives. RADE improves participant’s quality of life and addresses their sense of isolation and boredom through the use of cultural activities and make each participant believe that they have the capacity to contribute to society. Community based rehabilitation projects like RADE provide an essential service to both the participants and to the wider community.

RADE continue to produce some of the best art, poetry, theatre and film in this city. This not only contributes to the participants lives but also contributes to the culture of Dublin

The focus towards the showcasing of the art product each year not only gives a meaningful motivation to participants but also helps to change societal perception of drug-users which I believe is very important.

RADE has managed to not only stay afloat through the slashes and cuts of these austere times, but to continue their programme of quality productions demonstrating that ‘creativity is open to everyone’ and that engagement in arts activities, combined with therapeutic supports, does have a profound impact for making positive change in the lives of people affected by problem drug use. I would like to take this opportunity to call on the government and other agencies to recognize the contribution that special CE schemes make. It is vital to maintain the existing funding and to also increase the resources available to ensure all participants benefit fully from these schemes.

It takes courage to put your artistic work on show, it takes guts to get up on stage and perform and it takes everything you have to fight addiction and come through the other side. I wish you all the very best now and into the future and once again congratulations on such a great exhibition. Molaim sibh agus RADE. Ádh mór.

‘In Dublin’s Fair City’

Kevin Bohan’s photo exhibition, in aid of RADE

In_Dub_Fair_City_1 (2)

In Dublin’s Fair City is the title of the Dublin urban graffiti and street artist Kevin Bohan’s exhibition. Kevin donated proceeds from the opening to RADE and Fountain Youth Project.

The event was launched in Film Base, Temple Bar, on 18th June and ran until Saturday 20th June.

‘Get Stoned’

was staged at Merchants Quay Ireland



In July RADE’s engaging production and cast entertained clients of Merchants Quay Ireland.  The performance coincided with the loaning of artwork by previous participants to the MQI premises.

If you would like us to bring a show to you please contact Averyl on 01 4548733 to make arrangements.


Paula Meehan, Ireland Professor of Poetry

finishes delivering a series of  writing workshops 


We were delighted to have professor Paula Meehan faciliate a number of creative writing workshops in 2015.  Paula engaged the group in the literary works of  Yeats and they explored some writing from the 1916 Rising.  Paula’s workshops will blend nicely with our theme for 2015 which is the 1916 Rising.

Star Award Announced

For the fourth consecutive year 


we were shortlisted for a Star Award for the Leinster region.  Mick, Síne, Derek and Kevin attended the award ceremony on 23rd February in the Ballsbridge Hotel but were unsuccessful.  ‘Positive 2 Work’ took home the prize for the Leinster region.  We’d a wonderful day at the ceremony where we met and exchanged ideas with other nominees and winners.

Aontas Star Awards recognise organisation’s outstanding contribution to adult education.  This year we were judged on our stained glass windows project and dance production ‘Source’. 

Stuart Carolan, creator of Love/Hate

Special performance of ‘Get Stoned’ was staged on Friday 13th February 


Stuart was extremely generous with his time engaging in a a questions and answers discussion after the performance.   It was excellent for participants to chat with Stuart about his influences and future aspirations for Love/Hate.  It was particularly wonderful for those who stared in Series 5 to chat with Stuart about their scene and performances.

Stuart has agreed to facilitate masterclass writing classes with the group around the award winning TV series ‘Breaking Bad’ commencing in the summer of 2015

FETAC Level 4

Health and Safety Training


Congratulations to all RADE participants who achieved merits and distinctions in their Health and Safety Fetac level 4 – Well done, a great achievement

2015 New Year New Plans

to coincide with the 1916 centenary celebrations happening next year


RADE will embark on a historical and creative exploration of the 1916 Rising.  We aim to produce a new theatre play later in 2015, an original art project and comic book showcasing the stories and events that affected the lives of those living in Dublin in 1916.  This year we will work with Ireland Professor of Poetry, Paula Meehan, historian Kevin McKenna, RADE director Michael Egan, Síne Lynch and RADE artists Eoghan O’ Neill and Cathal O’ Grady.

Buckets: The Book

A trip down memory lane of buckets


To celebrate our 10th Anniversary Cathy Coughlan researched RADE’s previous productions and publications before deciding on working from extracts from ‘Jack and Jill’ the play and using buckets as props in our 2014 dance – theatre production ‘Source’. This publication contains the original ‘Jack and Jill’ script and images from the 2014 production ‘Source’ staged during the Dublin Fringe Festival in the South Studios, Dublin 8

Here the full publication here: Buckets

RADE 2014 documentary

2014 marked the first decade of RADE. We celebrated our 10th birthday with a live performance and a stained-glass-art project. This documentary gives a great insight into how hard our participants worked during the year – and how rewarding that hard work was for them.


Check out our documentary showcasing participant’s two big projects for the year – a stained-glass-art project and the ‘Source’ dance-theatre production at the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival.

This documentary was aired on Dublin Community Television (UPC channel 802) from 15th to 25th January 2015.

Source, Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival

Sold Out Success at  the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival 


Source was a new piece of work created by dance artist Cathy Coughlan in collaboration with RADE participants. During 2014 participants delved into an arena of movement and working with Cathy created a dynamic interaction between dance-theatre and film.  Two contrasting worlds were presented simultaneously, with performers bouncing from stage to screen, from reality to fantasy, struggling to escape the linear patterns and habits that shape their everyday lives.

Cathy Coughlan on the production: ‘The inspiration for this work came from the conversations and banter in between workshops. Stories emerged of other lives lived and of dreams yet to be accomplished. My interpretation of these conversations was that there was no starting point to addiction or recovery, but rather a constant dialogue between two worlds and two voices inside one person. This piece tells the story of that conversation and of the most fundamental source of recovery for anyone in any situation – hope.’

This production was selected for the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival 2014 programme.  Source sold out during the festival in South Studios, Dublin 8.  The critics raved about the production with The Irish Times Theatre Review giving the performance ****Stars Irish Times Theatre Review   and The Public Review gave ***** Stars The Public Review  

Following this sold out run ‘Source’ was nominated for 2 Fringe awards, Best Ensemble and First Fortnight.

Due to popular demand extra performance dates took place in the OLV building after the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival.

Click here to see the Promo video



Source promotional video

Check out promotional video for ‘Source’ dance theatre production


Light Source: Stained-Glass Exhibition

The stained-glass windows were installed permanently in the OLV building following the successful exhibition in The Atrium in October 2014
Light Source celebrated RADE’s 10th anniversary with a show that developed service-users’ visual-arts skills by learning the medieval craft of stained glass. Facilitated by stained-glass artist Peter Young, participants designed and built two large stained-glass windows which are now permanently installed in RADE’s premises, the OLV Building.

Before the installation, the windows were exhibited in their entirety in The Atrium, Wood Quay, Dublin 8, from 25th August to 5th September 2014. The exhibition also included artwork from participants. Dean Victor Stacey of St. Patrick’s Cathedral officially opened the exhibition.

Permanent Installation

Following the successful exhibition in The Atrium, the windows returned to the OLV Building and were installed in the main space downstairs. To mark the occasion, Lord Mayor Christy Burke officially unveiled the windows and praised the group’s work. These windows, which add a touch of colour and brightness to RADE’s home, are now the first thing participants, staff and visitors see on entering the premises.

‘Get Stoned’, Dublin Simon Social Club

After a long rest Get Stoned was recast for a new audience


To mark the official handover of funds raised from our performance of A Hundred Years Ago we performed Get Stoned  in May 2014, at the Dublin Simon Social Club in Capel Street. For some participants this was their first live performance. The performance was warmly received by the Dublin Simon group.

The cheque of €1,487.30 was accepted by Sam McGuinness for Dublin Simon Community.

Get Stoned was written and directed by Mick Egan.

Féile na Bealtaine, Dingle

1913 Lockout inspired wood sculptures…..


Participants exhibited their sculptures A Hundred Years Ago: A Reflection on the 1913 Lockout in Sculptures at Féile na Bealtaine in Dingle, Co. Kerry in May 2014. RADE artists worked with Eoghan O’Neill to produce these original pieces. All sculptures contain a hand, marking the Red Hand Badge of the Union which each member of the union wore proudly during the 1913 Lockout. Underneath the hands, participants have carved their own personalised pieces representing themes of the Lockout.

RADERS to star in Love/Hate

RTE auditions 

RADErs auditioned for the next series of ‘Love/Hate’ on Friday 11th April. Casting director Maureen Hughes visited the project and worked through a small section of the script with participants. Eight participants in total were selected for Series 5, with two participants receiving speaking parts. Series 5 of ‘Love/Hate’ is due to be aired on RTÉ in the Autumn. Our lips are sealed on storylines!

Benefit for Dublin Simon Community

Service users of RADE took a direct role in supporting Dublin Simon Community

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 16.37.18

Services users marked the end of the centenary celebrations of the 1913 Lockout with a final farewell performance of their acclaimed play A Hundred Years Ago in Liberty Hall Theatre, March 2014 with all proceeds donated to Dublin Simon Community.

A Hundred Years Ago explores the dramatic events that evolved through the autumn of 1913 when ordinary workers took a stand with Jim Larkin against the employers of Dublin city and the subsistent wages that held them in slavery. The play is delivered with bawdy humour and includes both jaunty and haunting ballad songs.

The performance was watched by a full house that included Tánaiste Joan Burton, who praised the production in the Dáil the following day: ‘I attended a fantastic production of A Hundred Years Ago in Liberty Hall by RADE. It was up to Abbey Theatre standards.’

NEAR FM Interviews

The ‘Reinterpreting 1913’ series


The series began broadcasting on Friday 24th January for three weeks. RADE artists and tutor Eoghan O’Neill featured in episode 1. The broadcast coincided with RADE’s painting and sculpture exhibition A Hundred Years Ago in the Atrium, Dublin City Council Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8.

You can listen to it on NearFM, which broadcasts across the North East of Dublin on 90.3FM. You can also stream it internationally live from

A Look Back at Our 2013 Programme

Check out this 10-minute documentary which will give you a taste of the behind-the-scenes work for the year.

RADE were a part of the 1913 Lockout centenary celebrations. This became our theme for the year, with all workshops focusing on the Lockout.

View full production of ‘A Hundred Years Ago’ in Liberty Hall Theatre

A Hundred Years Ago: The Songs

Music recording in Dublin studio


Working with writer Malcolm MacClancy, the group wrote new lyrics to well-known Irish ballads which were used in the production of A Hundred Years Ago. These songs were later recorded in a professional studio. These songs are available on CD.


A Hundred Years Ago: The Art Exhibition

To coincide with the Lockout centenary celebrations participants create their own art pieces


The group’s exhibition of painting and wood carvings A Hundred Years Ago, based on the themes of the 1913 Lockout, were displayed in the Atrium, Dublin City Council, Wood Quay, in August; The Axis Theatre in Ballymun; and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The work is a rumination of the 1913 Lockout, told through the medium of painting and sculpture.

Participants exhibited their sculptures A Hundred Years Ago: A Reflection on the 1913 Lockout in Sculptures at Féile na Bealtaine in Dingle, Co. Kerry in May 2014. RADE artists worked with Eoghan O’Neill to produce these original pieces. All sculptures contain a hand, marking the Red Hand Badge of the Union which each member of the union wore proudly during the 1913 Lockout. Underneath the hands, participants have carved their own personalised pieces representing themes of the Lockout.

Check out the Irish Independent article on the exhibition:




A Hundred Years Ago: The Play

Highlights from the rehearsals and performances of A Hundred Years Ago


A Hundred Years Ago explores the dramatic events that evolved through the autumn of 1913 when ordinary workers took a stand with Jim Larkin against the employers of Dublin city and the subsistent wages that held them in slavery.

The play, that includes both jaunty and haunting ballad songs, is delivered with bawdy and raucous humour. The food kitchens, proselytizers and Monto girls all come to life, as do families and workers struggling to survive in the slum tenements. Here you will find the Dubliners’ irreverent wit, chiseled from their ancestors and presented, warts and all, by the RADE Company in their distinctive style.

Much of the dialogue for this year’s show has been compiled from our creative writing class, which gives the drama a tangible and authentic voice when addressing this exciting and conflicting period in Dublin’s history. Mick Egan is responsible for the script collaboration.

This production was staged in Smock Alley Theatre in September 2013, the OLV Building during the month of December, Farmleigh House in April 2014, and for a benefit night for Dublin Simon Community in March 2014.  The play also featured at the Addiction Festival run by THEATREclub and Depaul Ireland in March 2014.

The original production, staged in Smock Alley Theatre, included all RADE participants. The cast was later reduced to 8 to allow the play to tour.

A Hundred Years Ago: The Book

Stories and images from A Hundred Years Ago

Lo-res - RADE book 2013 pages_Page_01

In 2013, inspired by the centenary of the 1913 Lockout, we produced a book with a difference. Participants took time outside their creative writing classes to read the literature, poetry and history of the period. This book is a compilation of what they learned, telling stories through their eyes. Participants worked with writer Dominique Cleary and RADE director Mick Egan to produce our most ambitious book to date. The stories from this book were used to develop the script of the acclaimed stage play A Hundred Years Ago.

Read A Hundred Years Ago

‘A Hundred Years Ago’: Liberty Hall

To mark the end of the Lockout centenary celebrations we performed ‘A Hundred Years Ago’ in Liberty Hall Theatre

Above is the full live performance on film.  All proceeds raised from ticket and book sales were donated to Dublin Simon Community.

At this performance Dublin rapper Tommy KD sang a beautiful version of ‘The Kiddies Scheme Song’ 


2012 Round-up

The staging of The Last Ten Years at the Dublin Fringe Festival was the highlight of 2012. 

The production ran over four nights in St. Patrick’s Cathedral,with full houses each night. The production received rave reviews, with the Irish Times Theatre Festival Review giving the production **** stars!

See the full production:

Cutting D8 was the theme for 2012’s art exhibition, with the group focusing on wood sculpturing. Check out this short documentary to see how we put it all together.

Video President Michael D. Higgins Visit

Following the President’s recent appointment he visited our project.  We performed  Get Stoned


Rough Cuts – book

Images and writing from 2012


Niamh pictured reading from Rough Cuts

Writer Dominique Cleary worked with RADErs to produced this insightful collection of short stories and tales. The group read ‘extracts of great personal essays, fiction and poetry: the work of Joan Didion, Annie Dillard, G.K. Chesterton, Jorge Luis Borges, Scott Russell Sanders, Raymond Carver, Sylvia Platt, Ted Hughes, Wendell Berry and W.B. Yeats, to name a few’.

On speaking about her experiences teaching the class, Dominique says, ‘RADErs don’t shy away from telling things as they are. Often simplicity brought the deepest truths, and there was realism, resilience and insight that comes from a life of self-challenge.”

Read stories from Rough Cuts


Imeal Documentary – TG4

TG4 get a feel for what RADE get up to on a daily basis


Cutting D8 Exhibition

Our first year wood carving


The group began hand carving in December 2011. Their beautiful mastery, entitled Cutting D8, was displayed for all to see in The Atrium, Dublin City Council Civic Offices, in September, moving then to Smock Alley Theatre and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Eoghan O’Neill, sculpture artist, trained the group in wood-carving. The inspiration for these pieces was the local area, Dublin 8.

Cllr Jim O’Callaghan officially opened the exhibition on Monday 17th September in Dublin City Council Civic Offices.


The Last Ten Years – song cycle for theatre

Choral tunes rang out during rehearsals in RADE


Musician and composer Séan Millar collaborated with RADE on a songcycle for theatre, entitled The Last Ten Years, which combines choral music and ritual performance to consider various aspects of our attitudes towards pain relief, medication and the legal and illegal drug trade. The atmospheric St. Patrick’s Cathedral was the setting for the performance which sonically creates something magical crossing the line between theatre and actual living experience.

This production was also performed in Liberty Hall Theatre with Minister Róisín Shorthall TD in attendance.

The first staging of The Last Ten Years in May was a great success. The feedback was very positive and supportive. This prompted us to enter the Dublin Fringe Festival.



2011 Round-up

2011 was a very busy year for RADE

The last of ‘The Day’ trilogy of short films, Birthday, was made and screened in the IFI cinema. ‘The Day’ trilogy was written and directed by Pom Boyd over three years, working with different RADE participants each year. All films were shot in Dublin.

‘The Day’ trilogy was screened at the Cork Film Festival in the Triscal Centre and as part of Dublin Culture Night.

View the behind-the-scenes documentary above.

Watch the short film in full here:


President Higgins Visits

President Michael D. Higgins and Mrs. Sabina Higgins visit RADE

Particpants, President and Mrs. Higgins

Particpants, President and Mrs. Higgins

RADE were delighted to host the President and his wife on Friday 25th November in RADE’s premises. It was a great honour, particularly given his long history as a powerful voice supporting the two significant areas that affect our programme: the Arts and the underclass.

RADE participants performed a short 10-minute theatre piece, Get Stoned, for the President and exhibited their artwork. Artists and community leaders were in attendance on the day.

Pushing out the Boat Exhibition

Beautifully painted individual pieces of art


Pushing out the Boat, an exhibition of artwork by the participants under the guidance of artist Eoghan O’ Neill and John Devoy was officially opened by Cllr Críona Ní Dhálaigh in June 2011 at The Atrium, Dublin City Council, Civic Offices, Woodquay, D8.  The work remained on exhibition for 2 weeks.

The group worked tirelessly over the winter months to produce unique pieces of art that have allowed them to work collectively as a group and on their own.


Birthday – short film

Birthday  ends the ‘Day Trilogy’ of films

Somewhere in the Wild West – or is it a Dublin suburb? – a family gather, dressed in their best cowboy/girl gear, for a surprise party. Eldest sister Margo is up to ninety, husband John-Wayne is no help and seems distracted, other sister Eliza is upset, and why won’t little sister Sadie say who the father of her unborn baby is? Seen from the point of view of the yet-to-be-born baby, Birthday is a funny, gritty and spiritually uplifting story.

This was Pom Boyd’s final short film with RADE. The film was shot over five days in The Lodge, Coolmine Therapeutic Community, with tents and benches borrowed from the Merchants Quay Scouts. Coolmine residences, staff and especially the kitchen took wonderful care of us all week.

Birthday was launched by President Michael D. Higgins on Tuesday 11th October in the Irish Film Institute Cinema, Temple Bar.


Get Stoned – stage play

Social Inclusion Week in Dublin City Council


Get Stoned, written and directed by Mick Egan, was performed  at the Woodquay Venue. The production was later performed at the International Drug Conference in Dublin and at RADE’s Open Theatre Week in the OLV Building.  This production enabled a number of participants to perform both acting and singing.  Jenna learnt how to play the ukulele for these performances.

Frontier Folk – book

 A collection of stories, artwork and images

frontier cover

Frontier Folk is a collection of stories and artwork from the RADE programme 2011. Malcolm MacClancy and Dominique Cleary facilitated the creative writing programme, while artists Eoghan O’Neill and John Devoy were responsible for the visual arts. This publication coincided with our short film Birthday.

RTÉ Radio 1 Arena show interviewed Darren and Jenna, who both shared some of their stories over the airwaves.

Read stories from Frontier Folk



2010 Round-up

A second film and self portraits marked 2010

The Making of Hard Day is a documentary showcasing RADE’s work for 2010 including the film shoot Hard Day, art exhibition Portraits Me I and book publication Portraits.

RADE Promotional Video – Better Together

RADE entry into 2010 Better Together competition 


A Proper Da – radio play

Radio Play for RTE Radio 1


A Proper Da, by Maeve Ingoldsby

RTÉ Radio 1 approached RADE some months back with a radio play proposal. Well-known playwright Maeve Ingoldsby facilitated workshops with the group, which resulted in the development of the script.

The radio play was recorded in the RADE premises over a full day. RADE actors worked alongside professional actors Phelim Drew, Gerry Byrne, Pat Nolan and Natalie Radmall-Quirke. It was a wonderful experience for all involved and hats off to RADE participants who performed fantastically.

The play was aired:
Date: Sunday 26th September 2010
Time: 8pm

Here is the link to web-stream:

And RTÉ’s main page:

Portraits Me I Exhibition

A 5 year Retrospective Art Exhibition


On 9th Sept Portraits Me I, our first ever Retrospective Art Exhibition showcasing artwork from the past 5 years was launched in the NCAD (National College of Art and Design).

This was our first time to display the artistic talents of the different groups that have been in RADE since the organisations first exhibition in 2005.  The exhibition coincided with the launch of Portraits  a collection of the groups creative writing stories, facilitated by poet, Paula Meehan along

Hard Day – short film

Hard Day is the second film of the ‘Day’ Trilogy and was created by the RADE participants in 2010

The world premiere screening of Hard Day took place on Thursday 1st July 2010 in the Irish Film Institute, Temple Bar, and was written and directed by Pom Boyd. The film was shot over five days in and around Temple Bar and Killiney beach.

Hard Day tells the story of Billy, who tries desperately to make some money busking. His girlfriend is running out of patience with him. When intimidating street criminal Lazer stops to watch him busking, Billy is reminded of an old injustice and decides for once to stand up for himself and put an old wrong to right…

Minister Pat Carey, TD, officially launched the film, and on the same evening he launched RADE’s A Creative Response to Drugs: Strategic Plan 2011–2014 too.

Portraits – book

Poet of Ireland Paula Meehan faciliated creative writing workshops


On 9th Sept RADErs launched Portraits, a collection of the group’s creative writing stories, facilitated by poet Paula Meehan, in the NCAD (National College of Art & Design) to mark RADE’s 5th anniversary.

Paula Meehan wrote about her experience in RADE: ‘Some mornings the energy is pure electric and huge leaps of trust and faith are made.”

Read Portraits 2010


2009 Roundup

Dublin 8 was the theme for the year for art and creative writing. This coincided with the shooting of the film Today in the locality.


Dublin 8 Art Exhibition

2008 art exhibition gave our local area a whole new look


The theme for 2008 was Dublin 8. Participants took to the streets to investigate the local area and find inspiration for their art and creative writing. The results were outstanding. Eoghan O’Neill and John Devoy worked with the group on their art, while Joe O’Donnell was the writer in residence.

Today’s D8 – book

 Short stories, artwork and images from 2009


RTÉ writer Joe O’Donnell facilitated 2009’s publication, which focused on the theme of Dublin 8. Outings and visits were planned to local areas of interest, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Christchurch. Many participants went back to their roots and spoke to family members about the history of Dublin 8, giving this collection an authenticity.

Read Todays D8

Today – short film

The first of the ‘Day’ Trilogy of films

 This was RADE’s first year in the movies with the making of the short fiction film Today. Written and directed by Pom Boyd, the film was shot over five days throughout Dublin 8. RADErs worked with a professional crew while they all performed in the film.

Today tells the story of Patrick who is sent by his eccentric doctor to find an arts project in Dublin’s inner city.  Patrick perceivers with his journey through the streets overcoming the various impediments that happen on his way.   An engaging, funny and moving short film that introduces both Patrick and the audience to the colourful characters that have found a home in the ‘Art Row Workshop”:….But Patrick arrives on the day the programmes funders are visiting….  The funders are not impressed

2008 Roundup

 The Táin was our main theme for 2008.


Raders of the Lost Art – stage play

No pun intended!

RADE performance of Raiders of the Lost Art (Tain) at the Project Arts Centre

Raders of the Lost Art was written and directed by Mick Egan. Mick worked with the group through the stories of The Táin. The show was performed in the Project Arts Centre, Axis in Ballymun, Ballyfermot Community Centre, the Pavilion in Dún Laoghaire, and Draíocht in Blanchardstown. This was the first time RADE brought one of their plays on tour.


Raders of the Táin – Play

Bringing old Irish Myth to the Stage

RADE performance of Raiders of the Lost Art (Tain) at the Project Arts Centre

Using  Thomas Kinsella’s Tain Bó Cuailgne,  wirter/director Mick Egan transformed this legendary tale from early Irish history to create a funny and engaging stage play.  The production premiered in The Project Arts Centre and later played in numerous venues throughout Dublin including Axis Theatre Ballymun, Draiocht Blanchardstown, Pavilion Dun Laoghaire and Ballyfermot Community Centre to name a few.  

RADEr’s designed and created the props, set and costumes for this production.

Raders of the Táin – Book

Merging mythical Ireland with modern day


Under the guidance of Steven Bourke, participants explored Thomas Kinsella’s Tain Bó Cuailgne. This legendary tale from early Irish history set the scenes for RADErs’ stories, art and theatre production in 2007/2008.

Read Raders of the Táin

2007 Round-up

President Mary McAleese was guest speaker.

Cast with President

Cast with President

Our annual showcase in Project Arts Centre included an art exhibition, creative writing readings, a Tai Chi demonstration and a performance of These People.

These People – stage play

Performing for the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese 

Art exhibition & Tai Chi demo 2007

Annual Showcase 2007 in Project Art Centre

thai chi photo

The group exhibited their artwork and performed a Tai Chi demonstration for President Mary McAleese.  The art workshops were facilitated by Eoghan O’ Neill.  The group explored themes of the home which delivered a variety of colourful paintings.



President Mary McAleese

Guest of Honour in 2007

Cast with President

Cast with President

President McAleese was RADE’s 2007 guest of honour at our annual showcase in the Project Arts Centre. The group performed their Tai Chi demonstration and performed the play These People, written and directed by Pom Boyd (actress/writer). Pom worked closely with the group, facilitating drama workshops to devise this clever witty script.  RADErs also exhibited their artwork on the evening and read stories from their creative writing publication ‘Somewhere to Flap Your Wings’

Somewhere to Flap Your Wings – book

Poetry, writings, art and images


Joanne reading from Somewhere to Flap Your Wings.

Working with Poetry Chair of Ireland Paula Meehan, the group focused on poetry, looking at Coleridge’s ‘Kubla Khan’, elegies, dreams and lullabies. The publication was launched in the Project Arts Centre by President McAleese.

Read Somewhere to Flap Your Wings

2006 Round-up

 Buckets, Buckets, Buckets… dominated 2006 events.

The group worked with Tony Curtis and Mick Egan to script Jack and Jill, performed in Project Arts Centre. This was the first year RADE made a documentary, entitledJack, Jill and the Green Devil. This year the group made masks, artist mosaics and individual art pieces. Actor and writer Peter Sheridan was guest speaker at Project.

Masks Exhibition 2006

Who is behind the Mask?


Working with poet Paula Meehan the group designed and made their own masks.  Ideas were developed in creative writing classes with the group incorporating the themes  from poems such as ‘kubla khan’ by Samuel T Coleridge.



Art Exhibition 2006

Mosaics on boards


Participants used RADE as their theme for these artistic boards focusing on tai chi, Dublin 8 area with it’s Vikings history and the projects creative activities.  Eoghan O’ Neill worked with the group to create these pieces.

Jack and Jill – Play

Buckets, buckets, buckets….


Jack and Jill was a devised script developed through collaboration between Tony Curtis, Mick Egan and RADE participants. The group performed Jack and Jill at their annual showcase in the Project Arts Centre. This play included the well-received verse ‘Buckets’.

2005 Round-up

 It all began here in 2005!

Tai Chi was first learned and then passed on from group to group. It was the first year we showcased art, drama and writing in the Project Art Centre.

RADE Stories

Tony Curtis facilitated creative writing

tony class

The book where it all began. Poet Tony Curtis worked with RADErs to produce this funny and entertaining collection. It even included an afterword from our own Mick Egan.

Read RADE 2005

Art Exhibition 2005

Annual Art Exhibition in Project


This was our first ever exhibition.  The theme was the self.

Angel of Mercy – stage play

Where it all began

The group

The group

Working with actress and writer Judith Ryan, Angel of Mercy was developed and staged at the Project Arts Centre.  This was a first ever stage appearance for many participants and for RADE