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Liberty Hall Performance

CE/Day Programme Vacancies

RADE is currently recruiting for its Day Programme. Please contact Project Worker Steve Ranney on  (01) 454 8733 or to organize an appointment for an assessment.  Individuals interested need to be eligible for Community Employment.

Referral Forms

Under new DSP requirements referrers are required to complete the following two referrals:

Please make sure you make contact with Steve on (01) 454 8733 or email before submitting the referral form.

Afternoon Programme

RADE is currently not running its Afternoon Programme.

Part-Time Entry Scheme on Day Programme

RADE has now introduced a new part-time Task Force-funded entry scheme. The new scheme will suit those who wish to keep their current benefit or disability payments; those who may not wish to commit to Community Employment hours, or those who have used up their Community Employment time. The part-time scheme initiative allows RADE to cater for these people and help them seeking a pathway away from drugs.

Benefits include:

  • Pick and choose which workshops you attend
  • Keep your disability payment
  • Take part in creating award-winning theatre & film productions
  • Learn to express yourself through art, writing and drama
  • Tai-Chi & Yoga workshops each morning
  • Visit theatre shows, film sets, art exhibitions and more

For more information please contact Steve on (01) 454 8733 or email