An Alternative
to Drug Use

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  • european_best-practice
  • European Best Practice in outreach educational counselling and low-threshold learning opportunities for disadvantage
  • ‘1916 Kids’ staged in the OLV Building in July 2016 Over 2 days

Our Vision:

Creativity is open
to Everyone

Our Mission:

RADE Engages Drug Users with the Arts and Therapeutic supports and provides a platform for their artistic expression

  • Playback ‘A Hundred Years Ago’: Liberty Hall
  • Jimmy, Joey and Karen

    To mark the end of the Lockout centenary celebrations we performed A Hundred Years Ago in Liberty Hall Theatre Above is the full live performance on film.  All proceeds raised from ticket and book sales were donated to Dublin Simon Community. At this performance Dublin rapper Tommy KD sang a beautiful version of ‘The Kiddies Scheme Song’  […]

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  • Rade Rising 2

    a documentary of the art practices in RADE for 2015 exploring the Rising through art, drama and creative writing. After an exciting year exploring the Rising we have produced a short documentary film of our work throughout the year.  The documentary has footage from workshops, outings and interviews with staff and participants.  RADE Rising provides […]

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