Who We Are

who we are

Our Vision

Creativity is open to everybody

Our Mission

To engage drug-users with the arts and therapeutic supports and provide a platform for their artistic expression

Our Values

The following core values inform and guide RADE in all its activities:

  • INNOVATION: Keeping our programme fresh and engaging for participants, workers and the public, and finding new ways to work with others;
  • FAIRNESS: Being flexible to the need of each participant and worker in an environment where everyone’s input is valued;
  • CHOICE: Assisting participant to make informed choices about their personal development and the arts and respecting the choices they make outside RADE;
  • CHALLENGE: Constructively challenging participants regarding problem substance-use and challenging the creativity of participants, staff and trainers alike;
  • CONSISTENCY: Engaging consistently  with all stakeholders and in all areas including roles and responsibilities, procedures, support and programme delivery;
  • OPENNESS: Being open and transparent in all our dealings and also open to constructive criticism and change;
  • EQUALITY: Treating everyone who interacts with RADE with equality and striving to promote the principles of equality through our actions;
  • INTEGRITY: Acting with integrity when interacting with stakeholders, other services, suppliers and other parties.


An Alternative to Drug-use
RADE support people struggling with their substance dependency and help them to improve their quality of life and address their sense of isolation and boredom through the use of cultural activities that are plausible and attainable. We believe that what is missing in the lives of many users is the belief that they have a capacity to contribute to society.

  • RADE works with people at all stages of recovery from substance dependency. This ranges from those who are still active users of street drugs, to people who are on methadone medication only, to people with alcohol problems and people who have become drug/drink-free.
  • RADE works with the individual’s inherent creativity and uses it as a resource to promote positive change.
  • The teamwork and interdependent nature of public productions competes with the passive stimulation experienced by drug-taking and helps to promote self-education, confidence and self-esteem. This helps to ensure a whole range of learning and gained experience that comes with the territory, whether it be development of literacy skills through playwriting/reading or technical skills achieved through realising productions in theatre, film and art.
  • The focus towards the showcasing of the art product each year not only gives a meaningful motivation to participants but also helps to change societal perception of drug-users.
  • Our method of working allows participants to experience essential elements of employment, including teamwork, deadlines, time-keeping and personal responsibility. In the 2012 Service Users Satisfaction Survey, 50 per cent of learners stated they had a clear idea about training they wished to do or a job or career they would like to have in the future since attending RADE.

Corporate Governance

We are governed by the Governance Code of the Charities Regulator in Ireland (CRA). We recently changed our organisation’s status from a non-complex to a complex charity as defined by this code, and are in the process of meeting the additional standards for compliance.