Rehab Statistics 2020–2021

2020 – 2021 statistics on the RADE programme at a glance

At a glance:

RADE can accommodate 21 participants (3 Support workers and 18 participants all on a CE Scheme, funded by The Department of Social Protection). 

The following represent stats compiled by the Rehab Team for the year Aug 2020 – Aug 2021:

  • 14 participants and 2 support workers are on C.E. programme currently.
  • RADE currently has a total of 9 participants on the waiting list to start pre-entry/HSE programme. 
  • RADE currently has 2 C.E. Support Staff-Rehab team. 
  • RADE currently has 2 HSE Support-Staff-Rehab team. 
  • RADE currently has 4 participants on HSE Scheme attending RADE regularly. 
  • Current gender breakdown in RADE: Male 10 : Female 6

We accepted referral throughout the COVID-19 restrictions and we are currently facilitating assessments on-site.


COVID-19 impacted the referral process in last 10 months. A total of 70 people were referred to the RADE programme over the last 12 months (Aug 2020 – Aug 2021) with referrals from:

  • Self/Family members
  • ALONE 
  • Addiction Response Crumlin 
  • Ana Liffey Drug Project  
  • Bridge Project 
  • Chrysalis Drug Project 
  • Coolmine  
  • Casadh 
  • Cuan Dara 
  • CAP 
  • Community Response 
  • Dublin Simon 
  • Focus Ireland 
  • Finglas Addiction Support team 
  • Housing supports (primarily hostels) 
  • HSE (to include Social Work Dept. /addiction /outreach services) 
  • IBCAT 
  • Inchicore /Bluebell CDAT 
  • Merchants Quay Ireland 
  • NDTC (National Drug Treatment Centre), Beaumont Hospital.
  • DTCB
  • Prison services (including Probation) 
  • Rialto CDT 
  • UISCE,  
  • Cherry Orchard Health Centre
  • Parkhouse Family Practice

External Training course undertaken by RADE participants: 

Accredited TrainingMinor award = 1
Major award = 0
Non-accredited TrainingCE Participants: Total completed = 3
CE Support Workers: Total completed = 5
Industry Standard TrainingTotal participants completed training = 10

These trainings included:

  • Diploma in hair and beauty
  • Hakomi Training
  • Motivational Interview
  • Fire Safety Awareness Training

Other trainings:

RADE regularly delivered online ZOOM meetings with all participants five days in a week which included:

  • Tai-Chi, Yoga, Drama, Art, Film Editing, Literacy, Creative writing, Music.

One participants also attended a virtual performance courses with the Gaiety School of Acting (Confidence to egde & stand-up comedy)

Training course undertaken by RADE Rehab Team during this period:

  • Trauma Informed Care Training x 2
  • Key-working, Care planning, and Case Management x1
  • Motivational Interviewing x2
  • Maintaining Professional Boundaries in Workplace x2
  • Dual Diagnosis x2
  • Mental Health Training x2
  • Mindfulness Meditation Training x1
  • GDPR Training- Full Team

Employment/Work experience: 

  • 1 participant secured a Full-time job at Brooks, a warehouse in Bluebell, while being on CE
  • 3 participant worked part-time in the RTE TV series
  • 1 participant is working part-time as a cleaner
  • 1 participant is working part-time as a night porter in a hotel

Counseling service:

There continued to be an excellent take up for counselling hours with 90% attendance over the period August 2020 – August 2021.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic our three counsellor provided voluntary counselling services to four participants via phone and Zoom. Since July 2021, they are again providing sessions on-site.

We currently have a list of 6 participants waiting to avail the service.