Data Protection Statement

This statement explains RADE’s policies in relation to how it collects and uses personal data, and contains those parts of RADE’s Data Protection Policy of relevance to you as a client of RADE.

We have set out the information under various headings below for your convenience.

Company Information

RADE is a Company Limited by Guarantee, its company registration number is 387097 and its’ registered office is as The OLV Building, Cathedral View Court, Dublin 8.

The Personal Data we collect

We collect and process information about you under various categories, including:

  1. Financial Information – this may include your income sources so that we can determine your eligibility for Community Employment, and adequately assist you in any financial issues you may have while you are a participant at RADE.
  2. Contact Information – this may include your name, address, phone number, email and next-of-kin details so that we can keep in contact with you while you are a participant at RADE.
  3. Sensitive Data – this may include details about your mental and physical health so that we can offer you adequate assistance and supports. Such data would not be shared without your prior consent except in rare cases.
  4. Other Personal Information – this may include time-keeping records

This data is usually collected from you personally. However, we may at times receive data from other agencies or from publicly available sources.

Using Personal Data

We use your personal information to:

A) Deliver our services to you and fulfill any contractual obligations we may have in relation to the delivery of our services to you.

For example, we need your information to assess your eligibility for RADE, assess you for training suitability, advocate on your behalf, and meet our legal requirements as a service provider.

B) Manage our business.

For example, we need your information to pay your wages, manage our accounts, monitor how we deliver services, plan our programmes, and meet the requirements of major funders such as the DEASP.

C) Comply with our legal obligations.

By law, we are required in some cases to share your data with other agencies such as the DEASP, HSE, and Revenue.

D) Protect your vital interests

In very rare cases, we may use your data to protect your vital interests even without your explicit consent.

Consequences of you not sharing your personal information

We need relevant personal information about you in order to provide an effective and relevant service to you and to ensure that we meet our legal obligations to you and to other organisations. If you decide not to share your personal information with us, we might not be able to provide you with our services.

Your Data Protection Rights

You have the right to:

A) know if RADE holds your information, to access your information held by RADE, and get copies of that information;

B) request that we correct any incorrect information and update incomplete information;

C) object to how we use your personal data in managing our business or in the public interest. If you object, this may affect our delivery of services to you, and may result in us being unable or unwilling to provide further services to you;

D) in certain circumstances, have your personal data deleted or its’ use restricted;

E) receive a copy of the personal data we keep which we may need to share with another service;

F) withdraw your consent to us processing your personal data at any time (however withdrawal of consent will not apply to any previously processed personal data); and

G) lodge a complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner.

Enforcing your Data Protection Rights

Any concerns about your personal data rights can be addressed to RADE’s Data Protection Officer:

Data Protection Officer
OLV Building
Cathedral View Court
Dublin 8


Or you can refer your concerns to the:

Data Protection Commissioner
Canal House
Station Road

Co Laois

Tel: 057 868 4800

How long do we hold your information?

RADE will hold your personal data only for as long as is needed to provide services to you. The length of time we retain your personal information may vary from service user to service user. We may be legally required to hold your information for longer.

 Communicating with you

We may contact you occasionally in relation to your relationship with RADE or about your personal data.


We may need to change this statement over time, however, the most recent version of it will always be available on our website (, or from RADE’s Data Protection Officer.