Mick’s Retirement

RADE’s founder and project director Mick Egan will be retiring on the 12th February 2021 after over 16 years of tireless service to the organisation. Sinead Moloney has been appointed by the Board as project director following Mick’s retirement.

From its inception in 2004 as an off-shoot of the Down-to-Earth Theatre Company, Mick has built RADE up into the innovative and award-winning service it is recognised as today. At present RADE’s services are availed of by over 50 programme participants each year, and the project has diversified from a purely community-employment based scheme into one allowing much wider access to those wishing to avail of the service. RADE’s creative outputs have won numerous awards over the years, the most recent being “The Man in the Chair” winning first prize for comedy short film at the Dublin International Short Film Festival last year.

Prior to founding RADE, Mick had a successful career on the stage before working with Merchants’ Quay Ireland at a time when it was a pioneering front-line service for drug users in Ireland. In addition to his acting and leadership skills, Mick is also an accomplished playwright, song-writer, guitarist and Tai-Chi tutor. His unique vision and energy has imbued RADE with a culture of humanity, compassion and innovation. To-date, RADE continues to be the first and only creative-arts centred addiction service in the country, and we look forward to building on the foundations of Mick’s vision and passion into the future.

The Board member have expressed their appreciation for Mick’s contribution to the programme: 

Throughout his time in RADE, Mick has been extraordinarily generous in bringing a unique creative vision to the work of the Project and in sharing his own creative skills with all those involved. He has helped to open the door to a happier and more fulfilled life for countless people in our communities who have faced a challenge around drug use, by supporting them in finding their own unique set of skills through the creative arts. Mick deserves all of our thanks and gratitude for the exceptional contribution he has made.  Anna Quigley

 Thanks to Mick’s vision and commitment, RADE is a place of daily artistic endeavour where participants contribute their talents and skills to an end product and get the opportunity to take a bow on a job well done in front of their community, family and friends. The ripple effect is immeasurable. Mick deserves a standing ovation on his retirement. Dominique Cleary (Chairperson)