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RADE-HAMLET Via Zoom 2020

Deirdre O’Kane Award for Best Irish short Film

JOINT AWARD: The Man in the Chair – RADE

RADERS- The Super-Powered Edition

A collection of comic stories from 2020

Participants worked with comic creator Elida Maiques who facilitated workshops to produce the graphic novel RADERS,The Super-Powered Edition.

RADERS are determined to heal and make positive changes in their lives. Click on the picture to see their work.

Natural Artists

Sneak Preview! RADE 2020 Film

Film Shoot 2020

RADE’s latest film is being shot this week. We will premiere our latest opus on Culture Night, 18th September.

Culture Night at RADE 2020

It’s that time of year again! Culture Night will soon again be upon us on Friday the 18th September 2020.

An Artistic Collaboration with JOE CASLIN, in association with the National Gallery of Ireland

Plus: Comic Book Launch, Live & Online film screening, Art Exhibition

Location: The OLV Building, Cathedral View Court, Dublin-8

Time: 4:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Booking is essential to gain entry. Due to COVID-19 restrictions places are limited, early booking is advised.

RADE’s vision: Creativity is open to everyone

Preparing for 2020 Film

Fun time during Challenging period of COVID-19


We will update the information as new information comes through.


Please find the 24 forms Beijing style Tai-Chi music and video to practice daily.

RADE Visit to Dáil Eireann


RADE participants are currently working with Trevor Knight-Musician and Composer. Trevor Knight was elected to Aosdána, Ireland’s state-sponsored academy of creative artists, in 2007.


Annual Report 2018-2019

An exploration of a year of recovery, art, drama and education

The annual report highlights the work undertaken by both the rehab and training team, creative departments and participants in RADE. RADERS were busy celebrating our nation’s centenary throughout the year and presented their work in many formats, from a graphic novel to canvas paintings to sculptures to stage productions throughout the year.