Yearly Round Up

Happy Christmas & New Year

To reduce RADE’s impact on global climate change (and do our bit to save the planet!), this year we have minimised our print run, and instead have created an e-Christmas card wishing you good tidings ahead of the Christmas and New Year.

Natural Artists

RADE Visit to Dáil Eireann


RADE participants are currently working with Trevor Knight-Musician and Composer. Trevor Knight was elected to Aosdána, Ireland’s state-sponsored academy of creative artists, in 2007.


Annual Report 2018-2019

An exploration of a year of recovery, art, drama and education

The annual report highlights the work undertaken by both the rehab and training team, creative departments and participants in RADE. RADERS were busy celebrating our nation’s centenary throughout the year and presented their work in many formats, from a graphic novel to canvas paintings to sculptures to stage productions throughout the year.


If you haven’t caught RADE’s hilarious film from 2018 (last year)“Spare Change” on the big screen, we are delighted to launch it now on our website.  Click here to see the full film ->

You can still catch RADE’s 2 new films from 2019 “The Man In the Chair”  and “The Girl In The Window” on the big screen in RADE’s studio space at the OLV Building, every Wednesday at 2:00 pm. (These 2 new films will not go online till November 2020.

Culture Night at RADE 2019

It’s that time of year again! Culture Night will soon again be upon us on Friday the 20th September 2019, from 4 pm to 9 pm.

RADE will open its door to the public to display a collection of artwork by their participants. Throughout the evening, RADE will screen a series of original short films, starring RADE participants.

RADE’s vision: Creativity is open to everyone

Summer Outing to Glendalough

Summer Outing to The Cavan Centre



CATHERINE BYRNE, Minister of State For Health Promotion, visited RADE’S Art Exhibition On Friday, 23rd November  2018 at 11:30 AM.


2012 Round-up

The staging of The Last Ten Years at the Dublin Fringe Festival was the highlight of 2012. 

The production ran over four nights in St. Patrick’s Cathedral,with full houses each night. The production received rave reviews, with the Irish Times Theatre Festival Review giving the production **** stars!

See the full production:

Cutting D8 was the theme for 2012’s art exhibition, with the group focusing on wood sculpturing. Check out this short documentary to see how we put it all together.

2011 Round-up

2011 was a very busy year for RADE

The last of ‘The Day’ trilogy of short films, Birthday, was made and screened in the IFI cinema. ‘The Day’ trilogy was written and directed by Pom Boyd over three years, working with different RADE participants each year. All films were shot in Dublin.

‘The Day’ trilogy was screened at the Cork Film Festival in the Triscal Centre and as part of Dublin Culture Night.

View the behind-the-scenes documentary above.

Watch the short film in full here:


2010 Round-up

A second film and self portraits marked 2010

The Making of Hard Day is a documentary showcasing RADE’s work for 2010 including the film shoot Hard Day, art exhibition Portraits Me I and book publication Portraits.

2009 Roundup

Dublin 8 was the theme for the year for art and creative writing. This coincided with the shooting of the film Today in the locality.


2008 Roundup

 The Táin was our main theme for 2008.


2007 Round-up

President Mary McAleese was guest speaker.

Cast with President

Cast with President

Our annual showcase in Project Arts Centre included an art exhibition, creative writing readings, a Tai Chi demonstration and a performance of These People.

2006 Round-up

 Buckets, Buckets, Buckets… dominated 2006 events.

The group worked with Tony Curtis and Mick Egan to script Jack and Jill, performed in Project Arts Centre. This was the first year RADE made a documentary, entitledJack, Jill and the Green Devil. This year the group made masks, artist mosaics and individual art pieces. Actor and writer Peter Sheridan was guest speaker at Project.

2005 Round-up

 It all began here in 2005!

Tai Chi was first learned and then passed on from group to group. It was the first year we showcased art, drama and writing in the Project Art Centre.