CATHERINE BYRNE, Minister of State For Health Promotion, visited RADE’S Art Exhibition On Friday, 23rd November  2018 at 11:30 AM.


The launch of  RADE’s Art exhibition One Wish”.


RADE is currently working with Elida Maiques, a cartoon artist, towards the production of a Graphic Novel. If things go as planned we hope to have the launch of the book in January 2019.

Creative Writing Workshop

ART EXHIBITION BY RADE AT St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 20 March 2018

RADE started shooting a new film “Any Spare Change” this week, 29 January 2018.

The first screening  will take place on May 1 in  St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


Annual Report 2016/2017

An exploration of a year of recovery, art, drama and education


RADE Annual Report 2016-2017


The annual report highlights the work undertaken by both the rehab and training team, creative departments and particpants in RADE. RADERS were busy celebrating our nation’s centenary throughout the year and presented their work in many formats, from a graphic novel to canvas paintings to sculptures to stage productions throughout the year.

“Everybody Get Stoned” showing as part of the Stop The Stigma Campaign on 27th February 2018 at 11.30am in Green Street Dublin 7.

“Everybody Get Stoned” showing as part of the Stop The Stigma Campaign

2017 Film accepted for screening in Five Lamps Festival in Dublin in March 2018

We here in Rade are all very excited about the film “Irish Light vs Tony”.  As soon as the date is confirmed we will update you.